Camera Drone

Using our 180mm class racer as a Camera Drone at BattleBots 2018 carrying an Insta 360 HD camera suspended below to get the most dynamic “In the box” video to bring you right into the action!

HUGE vs Subzero was the first flight for the team to capture cool footage for the show! The whole team stood on the fight platform and can be seen on BattleBots 2018 titled Fight Night – Episode one

Camera Drone Episode 1 – HUGE vs Subzero

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After we used the camera drone in our first fight, the BattleBots Sponsor from Insta360 asked if we would fly other fights for him as he could not always mount a camera to a bot and or he wanted a backup video source.  Reginald and Brady flew many exciting fights standing out side of the arena on the corner. Reginald was Co-Pilot, Navigator and voice of reason for Brady who was fast learning how to fly the BattleBox!

Below are photo galleries of the various fights we flew the Insta360 Camera Drone in, if you look close you should see a drone in each image. 

Camera Drone Episode 4 – Lucky vs Skorpios Gallery

Camera Drone Episode 4 – Gigabyte vs Tombstone Gallery

Camera Drone Episode 5 – BlackSmith vs Four Horsemen Gallery

Camera Drone Episode 6 – SawBlaze vs Reality Gallery

Camera Drone Episode 7 – SawBlaze vs Mohawk Gallery