SubZero & SpitFire vs Minotaur

Our fourth fight was against the great Minotaur.  With having been rebuilt again and again, using all of our spare parts and electronics, we bartered for something, anything to stay in the Battle and Minotaur could see the drivetrain weakness and promptly took full advantage of it. Subzero was in the air from the spinning drum of Minotaur almost as much as SpitFire was. Minotaur wins with a K.O. in 2:53 seconds.

Episode Sixteen Shown September, 7th. on Discovery Channel!
“A Bull in a Bot Shop”

Subzero & SpitFire vs Minotaur – Screen Captures


Subzero & SpitFire vs Minotaur – Photos by Jon Bennett

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Subzero & SpitFire vs Minotaur – Photos by Tony Woodward

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