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FlyBot – SpitFire – BattleBots 2018

SpitFire is a Battle Drone or FlyBot created to attack BattleBots in robot combat adding another layer of excitement and action. For our opponents it’s more of a physiological weapon or a distraction and that bit of extra for the show that could help if your fight goes to a judges decision.

FlyBot – SpitFire – BattleBots 2018

!!!! Spoiler Alert !!!!
Don’t read below if BattleBots Episode 6 has not aired in your area yet!

SpitFire was born to fight along with Subzero for BattleBots 2016 and sadly did not get a chance to fight. We drew IceWave for our first fight and needed the extra weight allowance for armor on Subzero and lost in single elimination combat. SpitFire came home and awaited the next chance to fight along with Subzero at BattleBots.

That chance came 2 years later when Jerry Clarkin called asking Logan Davis to Drive Subzero for Battlebots 2018 and if Spitfire was ready to Battle. The answer to both was yes!

For our first fight at BattleBots 2018 Subzero drew Huge for our first fight and Subzero needed the extra weight so SpitFire patently awaited her chance to prove herself in Battle!

On her maiden battle along with Subzero fighting against Captain Shrederator our BattleDrone or FlyBot SpitFire earned her first Winners Pog at BattleBots 2018!

SpitFire showing her Winners Pog!

SpitFire 2016

Shown below is SpitFire after passing safety inspection at BattleBots 2016!

Builder/Pilot Brady Davis – Weapons Reginald Wilson