About TeamXD

Our Long History:

TeamXD started as a Father and Son team in 2001 with the creation of our first BattleBot the Super Heavyweight Steel Reign.  Logan had watched Robot wars on our local PBS station and asked his Dad, “can we do that?”. His Dad laughed and smiled saying “sure Son” not expecting it to go any further. The next day Logan provided his Dad a stack of paper on how to enter and compete at the next BattleBots season 3.0 scheduled in 6 months. This was timed near Logan’s 13th Birthday and right after they went on a long drive to buy a used PerMobil Paraplegic wheelchair to use for parts in the BattleBot. Once home with the wheel chair the “Team” was born! Over the next hours of wheelchair disassembly, working together as a Team, Logan and his Dad bonded as a team in the sport of Combat Robotics

  • We competed at BattleBots Classic Season 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0 with Steel Reign. See us on Comedy Central’s BattleBots Episode 501 titled “When Steel Reign Falls on Son of Wayachi”. Our first T.V. Appearance.
  • Steel Reign then fought at the Rochester R3 Rampage with Steel Reign where we came in 3rd place! at a tradeshow event put on by BattleBots in Rochester New York.
  • Steel Reign also competed at the NPC Open and Won by a judges decision over MegaByte in a long brutal battle that went the distance.
  • We joined up with Jerry Clarkin and Team HammerTime with the middleweight Subzero for the BattleBots Sun/Java Conference in San Francisco where Jerry and Logan took First Place!
    Yes, Jerry and Logan Won a BattleBots Championship with Subzero!
  • They also competed at RoboGames at Fort Mason and took Third Place in the middleweight division with Subzero. one of the fights was against Mortician the middleweight version of Tombstone. Subzero flipped mortician into the ceiling with a spectacular win.
  • Jerry and Logan again attended BattleBots Season 6.0 with Subzero in Vallejo California and competed in a special promo event for ABC. It was a double elimination event.  In one of our toughest battles we fought Donald Hudson with Root Canal and that went to a judges decision for a near draw.
  • Eventually the call came for BattleBots 2016 and Jerry contacted Logan to be the driver of a new heavyweight Subzero that he built to compete with. Subzero faced Ice Wave in the preliminary fights and lost after getting tore up badly. Yes, BattleBots made a poster from one of the match photos it was that good.
  • When BattleBots announced the 2018 season Jerry again invited Logan to drive Subzero, and with the new fight card format Subzero had 4 fights seen on Discovery Channel including one win and a brutal main event facing Minotaur. And SpitFire had her debut flying and spitting fire, including crashing and getting pushed into the screws. Poor little SpitFire.
  • For the 2019 Season Logan went to China to compete internationally with Golden Dragon at King of Bots. Jerry chose to give a new driver a chance at driving a heavyweight and Subzero had a tough match against Cobalt getting destroyed in her first fight, and eventually getting a well earned win against the BattleBot P1. SpitFire joined up with the Texas Twister for 2019 having a great time putting on a great show.
  • Much changed for 2020 as Logan bought SubZero from Jerry Clarkin after retiring and with a new team has rebuilt a stronger, faster version of SubZero for BattleBots 2020. Also watch for SpitFire returning home for another exciting season. Thank you so much to our Sponsors SendCutSend and Lincoln Tech for supporting combat robotics. Watch for us on Discovery starting December 3rd 2020.